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Google has announced a new operating system

Google introduced a new secure operating system for smart devices

Google has announced a new operating system for smart gadgets. This was reported on the Google Open Source Blog. The KataOS operating system is presented by the engineers of the corporation as a provably secure platform for machine learning tools. It is believed that the OS will be used in various devices that need data protection.

The system is based on the Antmicro platform and the seL4 microkernel, it is primarily focused on smart devices that collect and process information received from the environment. “If it is impossible to mathematically prove that the devices around us provide data security, then the data they collect can be accessible to malicious software,” the software developers noted.

KataOS is available as an open source operating system for everyone. The repository with the KataOS source code is published on GitHub. According to Google engineers, third-party developers will be able to create their applications under the OS. In February, Google released a new operating system for computers, Chrome OS Flex. The OS is designed for use on PCs and Mac computers, the software is based on Chrome OS. Only what is important to you – in Len
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