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Rihanna, who got fat after giving birth, upset fans

The 34-year-old singer Rihanna and her lover, rapper Rakim Myers, better known under the pseudonym A $ AP Rocky, had their first child last May. The performer does not hide from the public that now her figure has noticeably changed. The day before, she came out in an ultra-short skirt, demonstrating her magnificent forms.

The night before, Rihanna was spotted in a skimpy outfit at a romantic dinner with A$AP Rocky. The singer was photographed leaving the New York Canary Club bar in leather miniskirt, Balenciaga jacket and Rosamosario satin bustier.

The outfit did not hide the excess kilograms gained by the singer from the public at all. The star who gave birth to a boy showed thick thighs and cellulite.

According to close friends of RiRi, she completely accepted her own body, not worrying about being overweight. At the same time, the celebrity is in no hurry to come into prenatal form.

Rihanna’s fans have had mixed reactions to the celebrity’s bold outfit and her jelly-like body.

“At adolescence, she swelled up and became fat after giving birth, I don’t envy her”, “Does she sing or just shakes her thighs?”, “Is there not enough fabric for a skirt? Feeling that she herself is uncomfortable”, “All the fats are hanging out”, – written by netizens.

Nevertheless, some began to vehemently defend the American performer who had grown fat after giving birth. “So juicy, sexy straight!”, “The problem is that she is sincerely pleased with herself and her thighs, unlike us, forever in complexes,” write netizens.

Rihanna’s baby’s father faces jail

Last spring, the rapper was arrested at the airport when he was returning with Rihanna from Barbados. The police searched his house, finding several handguns there.

The rapper is suspected of assault with a weapon after his confrontation last November, during which a shooting ensued and a bullet flew into the plaintiff’s arm.

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